So today every group has been stressing out, because vocab and ShrinkLits are due today and the rest of the project is due on Wednesday. We decided to interview Group 7 today, they told us they finished all of their vocabulary and ShrinkLits, and said that they are working on the rest of the project. We asked the group if this unit has been stressful and they said it was pretty stressful because they weren't just getting a grade for themselves but for the rest of their group. Everything will be due by Thursday so everybody is going to set up plans to finish up this project.
It is Tuesday and there are two days to get our work finished on time. Our class has been working hard to get assignments done to meet the deadline. A member of Group 1 is working on the historical research to connect to the book. Group 4's member also worked on his historical research on our 34th president Franklin D. Roosevelt. Group 3's members worked on a video for the literary term conflict. They also added their sentences to their vocabulary definitions. Second period is rushing to get things done by the due date, but we'll finish it on time and it will be a great website once it's finished.
Today has been one of the most stressful days we've had, everyone has been rushing through their work, and trying to catch up, or even get ahead so they don't have to have any homework over the weekend. Today we interviewed a member of Group 4, we asked Alec's group how have they been doing. They responded by saying that “We're behind and everybody needs to start catching up, we've started on our literary terms and make some more progress.” Most groups have been like that on other subject and today is very stressful. Hope this day will pay off for all of us.
Hey friends! Its Monday and we're all super tired as always because everybody had an enjoyable weekend. As our blogging days are wrapping up, we won't be having so much focus on single groups anymore other then today. Today we interviewed the Presentation group and wonder what they were doing. They are
making invitations to other teachers to invite them to check our website so they can explore it and see what's going on. After our project, we will be hosting some sort of shindig, hosting parents, other teachers, family members, etc...

Hey guys, today we took the time to interview the art group, and a couple individuals in that group (Madison and Song Mei). We asked the art group what they've been doing today. They told us that they have been making covers for the web design group, which look amazing, and also have drawings of the characters in the book, such as Scout & Atticus. When we got the chance to look at the art they've been making both of us were surprised how good it turned out, we can't wait for them to put the pictures up!
Today part of our group watched the video production team make the introduction for our website.  It was funny to watch them because they're so hysterical about it.  They did get things done but they had fun doing it.  They used a laptop with the script on it so that people would know the words without it being in the way of "acting".  The main point of this introduction video is to guide and explain where everything is to the people who visit our site.  They had to do many takes because there was either a background noise or the speaker messed up a line.  But in the end the video production team finished all of the lines for the video.  A cell phone was used to record the speaker.  Now the video will be edited and put on the website.
Hey folks! Today we interviewed one of the members of the web design team - Connor. We asked him what they are doing in the web design team and what their current progress is. Connor told us that their group is ahead and has already started putting up other work from other groups such as ShrinkLits, vocabulary, etc. They're hoping to put up videos soon that have been made by the video production group. They worked hard to put up this website and they have done a very good job of it. Great job web design!
Connor from the web design team.
Hey folks, today we came back from the weekend and we’re all
tired and sleepy. Some people turned in parts of their project for the website. Video production is making a video to welcome people to the website. Web design is making a logo for the webpage that is 3D, pretty cool. The art group is planning out the art for the main pages on the website. Today was an easy day for most people. Catch ya later.
It's Thursday and the weekend is coming up fast. Our site has been constructed and it's up and running today. Today in period two, our groups have been working to get work up on the site. There are still many forms to be turned in to be on our website. So far groups have been working hard and trying to get assignments done. But when there is a pro there is always a con. Groups in our class have been working slowly, but we are getting it done. We will be keeping you up to date as often as possible and look forward to our next blog.
Hey guys! It’s the second day after mid-winter break and we’re back in English class again. Today we are finishing up our vocabulary and some groups have started their ShrinkLits. Today has been a very productive day for all the groups. Some people played a card game, which basically taught the groups the difference between “its” and “it’s”.  Some individuals were slacking off, like walking away from their group, not helping their group, and abandoning their group. All in all today was a productive day.